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Thanks for finding the time to look at my kennel.

But first I must tell you that I am no longer breeding Dobermans, but if you want me too, I will gladly help you finding your once in a livetime Doberman-Puppy.

I would like to tell you a bit about me and my Dobermans .
For about 50 years now I have been successfully breeding, showing and training Dobermans.

My Kennel also produced some great Show Dogs which the following Titles can prove:
Multi Landessieger, Bundesjugendsieger, DV Jugendsieger, Luxembourg Youth Trophy Winner,
Luxembourg Youth Champion, Luxembourg Trophy Winner, German Champion DV and VDH,
also BOB and BIS.
We also had some great working Dobermans who successfully competed against different
breeds in Kreisausscheidungen, Kreismeisterschaften also LG - Ausscheidungen and
of course the German Working Dog Championships.
In fact in the Year 1987 on the Working Doberman Championships you could see three Generations of Dobermans:
first as Grandfather Nicolai v. Kloster Kamp, then as Father Jockel v. Mahuba and as Granddaughter
Babsi v. Leimbachtal competing against each other.
This was a first in the History of those Trials and to my knowledge has up to now never been repeated.

As Owner of the great golden Dogtrainer Medal with leaves given from the VDH for successfully training and
competing Dobermans, I made it my goal to only breed my Bitches after they have successfully
passed the highest Schutzhund test there is, the SchH 3 now known as VPG 3,
certainly only as long as my health allows it.
I do not "just breed" my girls to "TITLED SIRES" I also try to title my Girl's myself.
This is the only way, I as a breeder of a Doberman, can say and also prove it, that our Dobes have the
potential to be worked and can be trained, even by a woman as a trainer.
The same with Dogs I keep as Stud Dogs.

Since the Doberman has been bred for centuries as a working Dog it should be our goal as a Breeder,
to keep this potential, so we still can have in the future the Doberman as a
Sporting Dog for several uses. For example as:
(Guiding Dog, Schutzhund, Tracking Dog, Dog for Agility, and several more).
And most of all in this Millenium, the Doberman should also be the ideal Family Dog,
always friendly to our Children and never, no matter what, should he growl or worse yet bite us
or any other member of the Family. That's why we must prefer the Doberman that can be used
for everything not only for protection.
We all love him, the hard working Doberman, who after protection work , still can be handled by a child.
This is why we breed Dobermans for now over 40 Years.
This is only possible because we carefully choose
the Sires for our Bitches we use in our planed breeding program.
Certainly all of our Dobermans are Health tested and DNA registered.

And last but not least we raise our puppies the best way we know how, in the House with the Family and our other pets.
So than we hope to get the ideal Doberman who loves and protects his people.
My over 40 years of knowlege about breeding, raising and training Dobermans can be used by you
as I can train you with your Doberman.

We try to combine successfully the beauty and the ability to work in our breed, the Doberman.

Dobermans from MAHUBA mean Quality.
And Quality has a name: MAHUBA

Thanks for reading

Gabriele Stroh


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